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Call Us Today!
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Explore the beauty of Northwest Florida 
by the way of the Blackwater River! 

The sight of snow white sand bars contrasting with clear, shallow waters outlined by magnolia, river cedars and a variety of wildflowers is something everyone should see. Experience the magical sounds of the river and forest while floating downstream. As you float down the Blackwater River, you may notice a similarity of the snow white sand bars to the snow white beaches of the Emerald Coast – it’s the quartz sand! Over the ages, sand from the Blackwater River took a trek through pools, swamps and the bays until it reached the Gulf of Mexico. There it washed up to form some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, those of Santa Rosa Island. You cannot imagine the beauty… you will have to see and experience it. Bring a friend, the family, or the whole office for a day of fun! A river trip is the perfect way to bring people and nature together. With all the Blackwater River has to offer, why drive a lot further to a stream with a gravel bottom and much less to offer! The average depth of the Blackwater River is 2 ½ to 3 feet, average speed is 5 miles per hour (no white water) with clear, clean water and white sand bottom.


We have all picnic supplies along with ice and cooler rentals as well as camping/fishing supplies
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